Rules & Regulations


SWKF Competition Rules

WKF Competition Rules

  • All students, Karate Ka, must pay for membership and submit a completed application form. All members’ fees are to be paid on time. If for some reason they cannot be paid, make the necessary arrangements with the office before the payment is due. There is no refund or freezing whatsoever.
  • All students must be on time for each class. (3 classes per week recommended). If they are up to 15 minutes late they should bow, enter the Dojo, sit down (siza), and bow again. They will be permitted to enter the Dojo if they have good reason for their tardiness. If you are unable to attend a class or arrive on time please be sure to notify your Sensei in advance.
  • No shoes, jewelry, metal hair clips, rings, watches, etc may be worn inside the Dojo.
  • All Student must carry SWKF INDIA PASSPORT Every Class & Examination time.
  • Students must follow the conduct, as outlined by the Sensei, expected from a Karate Ka when inside the Dojo.
  • Students will bow upon entering and before leaving the Dojo and will bow to each other every time.
  • Students will behave as ladies and gentlemen at all times both inside and outside the Dojo.
  • Lower belts will follow the Senpai (senior students) when the Sensei is not there. Lower belts will follow the instruction of the higher belts.
  • Students should have a serious attitude at all times inside the Dojo. No loud talking or profanity is permitted. Children are to be dropped off and picked up within the club.
  • Students are not allowed to interrupt the class to ask questions unless your Sensei allows you to do so.
  • Personal cleanliness is essential; nails must be clipped, feet and hands must be spotless and hair must not interfere with your training.
  • No alcohol or drugs before class. No candy, gum, or smoking while inside the Dojo.
  • All Karate Ka must wear a clean, pure white Karate gi that has no tears or rips anywhere. Ensure that the SWKF Karate Badge is sewn on the left side (around the heart)
  • Under no circumstance will any form of Karate be taught by any member to any non-member. Also, no student should teach anything to any member without the Sensei’s expressed permission.
  • All students should refer to the Chief Instructor as Sensei (one who has gone before) which is an honorable way of saying “Teacher” in Japanese.
  • Do not criticize other Martial Arts or other Martial Artists.
  • Try to be inside the Dojo 15 minutes before your class and start doing warm ups in order to be on time and ready to start your class.
  • Always let your Sensei know if you have some kind of difficulties such as knee or back pain..etc. Or if you are uncomfortable while in the dojo or club for any reason.
  • Don’t forget to bring your medication if you have Asthma or Diabetes etc.
  • Children can not run while inside the club or touch any weights or metal objects in the club. They are not allowed to go into the fitness area.
  • At the discretion of the Sensei, any member of the club may be suspended from the Dojo, either temporarily or permanently, for not complying with any of the rules listed above.
Please note that…
  • children are not allowed in the fitness area for safety reasons due to heavy machinery
  • children are not allowed to touch any weight or metal objects
  • children are not allowed running in any area
  • please ask your children to wait in the reception area until their classes begin and as soon as they are finished (it is not safe for children to go outside without supervision)

Safety Rules


    Mandatory Safety Equipment for Sparring at all times

  • You must wear a groin protector (male students)
  • You must wear a mouth guard (Gum shields must fit properly)
  • You must wear fist gear (World Karate Do Federation standard blue and red gloves)
  • You must have safety glasses (if you usually wear glasses) Glasses are forbidden. Soft contact lenses can be worn at the contestants own risk
  • You must wear soft shin pads (any color)
  • Any other safety equipment is optional
  • Without safety equipment individual contestants will be disqualified or not allowed to participate in sparring!!!!
  • All protective equipment must be W.K.F. homologated. Contestants must have short fingernails and must not wear metallic or other objects that may cause injury to their opponent. A dentist must approve the use of metallic teeth braces. Hachimaki (headband) will not be allowed.



Ceremony before and after class Before class

  • ZA-REI (Call by the instructor, or someone assigned by the instructor, to start the class. Response: OSS)
  • SEIRETSU (Call to line up given by Senpai. Response: OSS)
  • REI (Call to bow)
  • SEIZA (Call to sit)
  • MOKUSO (Call to close your eyes)
  • MOKUSO YAME (Call to open your eyes)
  • SHOMEN NI REI (Call to bow toward the front)
  • SENSEI NI REI (Call to bow toward Sensei. Response: ONEGAISHIMASU)
  • OTAGAI NI REI (Call to bow to each other toward Sensei. Response: ONEGAISHIMASU)
  • KIRITSU (Call to stand up)
After Class
  • ZA-REI (Call by Sensei or someone assigned by Sensei for the class to end. Response: OSS)
  • SEIRETSU (Call to line up given by Senpai. Response: OSS)
  • REI (Call to bow) SEIZA (Call to sit)
  • MOKUSO (Call to close your eyes)
  • MOKUSO YAME (Call to open your eyes)
  • SHOMENNI REI (Call to bow toward the front)
  • SENSEINI REI (Call to bow toward to Sensei. Response: ARIGATO GOZAE MASHITA)
  • OTAGAINI REI (Call to bow to each other toward Sensei. Response: ARIGATO GOZAE MASHITA)
  • KIRITSU (Call to stand up)
  • REI (Call to bow)If most senior student in the line is Green Belt or above, ceremony continues, provided Head Instructor has left the training area:
  • First name of Senpai + SENPAI NI REI (Call by second most senior student to face Senpai. Response: ARIGATO GOZAE MASHITA)

    IMPORTANT: While REISHIKI is on, students who are present in the training room but are not taking part in the class must stand in Musubi-Dachi)

Notice to all parents and members

  • Please respect all the rules and regulations
  • Please respect all the instructors and all the members
  • When classes are about to start or in between classes Shihan and the Instructors cannot respond to any questions from viewers in the audience area.
  • Please note that the audience area is strictly for viewing purposes, please refrain from loud speaking and distracting behaviors such as playing games.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress please leave your name and phone number by calling our business line and leaving a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If there is something of great urgency please write a note and give it to your child to submit to SWKF INDIA HQ
  • Any students who do not perform based on their level will loose their belts and may have the chance to re earn it again at the next scheduled grading.
  • Due to our high intensity classes any students or parents who do not respect the rules and regulations may risk the possibility of having their membership suspended or cancelled.
  • Please give your attention and respect to these rules and regulations in order for us to all move forward together with harmony and efficiency as a club.