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Welcome to the website of the Shotokan World Karatedo Federation India. We are a Shotokan World Karate Do Federation -World HQ-USA, having taken form as the Shotokan World Karatedo Federation India in 2017,at the initiative of our Founder and Chief Instructor Sensei Pradeep Shinde, who presently holds a 6th Dan Black Belt from the KAI. We aim to be an affiliation entity for Shotokan Yudansha/Instructor(s)/groups all over India.

We offer affiliation to Individual Yudansha and/or Instructor(s) and/or groups that choose to affiliate with us. The affiliation can be : Do-Jo / District / State / Organization or any such suitable arrangement as may be considered fit and proper. We would naturally prefer affiliates from the Shotokan stable, but also warmly welcome Yudansha/Instructor(s)/groups from similar or even other Karate systems, as long as they participate through the medium of Shotokan Karate.

Our affiliation is with the Shotokan World Karate Do Federation -World HQ-USA and hense the syllabus will be that of the SWKF. We are dedicated to train the Shotokan. We are also affiliated to the KAI and thus with the WKF. Our main aim is to strengthen the practise of Shotokan Karate by means of training in line with international standards. We look forward to the future with a renewed focus and vision.

Karate Course

We provide the best of karate course where one can learn different kinds of techniques and methods to do. Also you can learn about many new things.

Qualified Coach

We provide training in karate and teaching professionally for more than 20 Years. Our coach is well trained in all the forms of Shotokan Karate.

Best Result

We are affiliated with the international and national organization of Shotokan Karate Association. And also many reputed organization in which we are affiliated.

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