Founded by SENSEI JIMMY WONG, SHOTOKAN WORLD KARATE DO FEDERATION (SWKF) has set its mission to protect and promote the essential values of traditional karate. to achieve the objective, its founder, sensei wong, sets forth the need to a return to “BUDO” as an essential pillar in the philosophy of karate.

Formed by great masters, such as HIROKASU KANASAWA AND NISHIYAMA HIDETAKA, SENSEI WONG learned under formal tutelage the martial way of life which has defined his life. loyalty, punctuality, courage, and respect for others are all virtues that have been obtained through the practice of karate, and now wong sets to transmit those virtues to new generations through SWKF. This philosophical line which last influenced the late SENSEI MARCOS MORON NOVARO, also sets to eliminate the inappropriate handling of sporting organizations that attempt to do away with or ignore the traditions, principles and philosophies of traditional karate.

With this mission and the desire of transcendence, which all good martial artists must have, SENSEI WONG has set SWKF to disseminate the cultivation of character. SWKF programs include: practice meditation to unify the unbreakable bond created between the spirit, and technique through humility, the proper control of emotions, and the higher understanding of internal and external consciousness.



Shotokan World Karate Do Federation India is a Affiliated to SWKF World HQ USA under the Guidance of Shihan Jimmy Wong, Chairman & International Chief Instructor. It is a non political and non profitable association. It is affiliated to Karate India Organization - KIO headed by Dynamic President Karate R. Tyagrajan & Beloved General Secretory Shihan Bharat Sharma. The Association has a good experience of participating in different National, International Championships, Seminars and Master Training Camps and has made significant contribution in the field of Karate at National and International Level. SWKF INDIA was formed under the guidance of Shihan Pradeep Shinde, a former National Champion having experience of more than 18 years in different facets of Karate. He started his training of Shotokan Karate Sensei Pradeep shinde has Started Karate Training Since 1992. He has Experience of More than 20 Years of Training in Karate and Teaching professionally for more than 20 years, and have trained thousands of students, many of whom have Won Several Medals in State, National as well as International Championship.

Achieved the title "SHIHAN" from WORLD WIDE CHIEF INSTRUCTOR JIMMY WONG from USA in year 2017. Sensei Pradeep Shinde has won many competitions and is now producing his own humble champions.He has been visiting USA and Japan twice in a year and participate in their tournaments as well as attends the training programs.


Sensei Pradeep Shinde


Sensei Pradeep Shinde got training from Sensei Siraj Ahmed and got BLACK BELT NI-DAN in 2008(JSKA). Besides Shotokan Karate training he practiced Kickboxing as well under Shihan S.S. Harichandan of Orrisa, India since 2002 and got BLACKBELT NI-DAN in 2007(IAKO). He practiced Hakuakai and got black belt Sandan-dan from SHIHAN Fukoda Hirotaka, Japan in 2011.

For the past 7 years Sensei Pradeep Shinde is engaged in creating a record in Kickboxing Fight ,he is 1st Asian Silver Medalist in 2nd INDOOR GAMES 2007 , He has won many awards and prizes for Kata / Kumite/ Kickboxing Fight in national championships and international championship.

He got affiliation from Shihan Jimmy Wong Chairman and Chief Instructor World Wide SWKF USA 2018.








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